Police is yours truly

Around 3:00 a.m. on Friday, our officers on normal patrol of their beat around Ikoyi stumbled on a man in distress.

He was accosted and questioned where he was heading that early during a lockdown.

The man, impatiently blurted out that his wife was in labour and that he had been looking for vehicle for some time to no avail.

The officers hurriedly got him into their patrol vehicle after informing their Monitor.

They, drove him to his residence and took him and his wife to an hospital in Obalende, Lagos.

Our officer took time out today to check the family having been off duty yesterday. Behold, the wife had been delivered of a beautiful baby girl.

When to get married as a man

I believe the old man was right in his own wisdom as to when is the right time for a man to get married.

My late father of blessed memory once told me that if you must contemplate of getting married, make sure that you have enough to eat three times a day with left overs. if the status quo persists, you can think of getting another ‘mouth’ to feed with the constant left overs.

In his wisdom, he was of the opinion that if a man is unable to feed himself three times a day, how would he cope with another ‘mouth’ (wife) which will include others (Inlaws).

As harsh as that might sound, i believe it is logical. It actually made more sense when i got married and i have further improved on his opinion to include number of kids to have at any given financial strength. Gone are the days when children are just birthed all in the name of, “God who has given will make provision”.

Adequate planning is required to ensure that children birthed are well taken care of. It is time to make adequate plans before and during marriage so that we don’t have posterity grinning at our mess.

“I went to bed drunk, Around 3 am, I woke up to find Oluwo of Iwo on top of me with my clothes removed” – Ex-queen, Chanel Chin opens up on how she met Oluwo of Iwo

Chanel Chin, the estranged queen of the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has revealed how the monarch had his way with her when she went to bed drunk.

In an interview, Chanel Chin started off by revealing how she met with the monarch on her first visit to Nigeria from Canada where she’s from.

Estranged queen of Oluwo of Iwo

She started that they met two days before his coronation as king of Iwo and also met at different other functions where she introduced herself to him after learning that he just returned from Canada to be crowned as king.

At one of the functions, she said they were all having fun and drinking which got her drunk. She then proceeded to go have some rest in one of the rooms and fell asleep.

Around 3 a.m, she woke up to find the Oluwo of Iwo on top of her with her clothes removed.

This is all coming after the Oluwo of Iwo accused Chanel Chin of trying to poison him.

Corona virus and food production

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 keeps increasing, it is pertinent to also know that food production is also threatened.

Though both local and international agriculture organisations had urged the government not to include farmers as part of those affected by the lockdown, it is also important to understand that the lockdown would affect everyone at the long-run if the disease is not contained.

Nigeria’s largest consumed staple food is rice, about 7 million metric tons of rice is consumed annually while our production capacity is yet to satisfy our local consumption.

Though Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN) had assured that rice would continue to be available in this lockdown period, it is also important to note that if the lockdown lingers and the disease is not controlled, rice production would be affected greatly as farmers and actors on the value chain may also be infected with the disease.

Apart from rice, there are other food production that shouldn’t be neglected.

With the production setback suffered during the outbreak of COVID-19, it is pertinent to note that food production in Nigeria needs support from both the state and federal government.

The support would go along way in affecting all the actors of different value chains, including farmers, input suppliers, processors and service providers.

There are notable processors in Nigeria who are into large scale production, these processors needs government support and assistance because the produce food in this lockdown period and also creating jobs.

For instance, Wal-Wanne and Sons Limited is into large scale rice production in Borno State where he has mobilized over 18,000 farmers in rice production.

The rice company successfully unveiled a 33,000 rice pyramid in Borno State following the intervention of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through the Anchor Borrowers Program (ABP).

Wal-Wanne and sons limited is an example of rice and other food production companies who need assistance from the government in order to sustain production at this critical period.

Sitting on a state ravaged by Boko Haram, mobilising over 18,000 farmers, coupled with the outbreak of COVID-19, it became necessary that the company needs government support to sustain production.

If food production is distorted at this period, then the future of post COVID-19 era is just bleak because there may be shortfall in food availability.

Recall that the President of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Dr Agnes Kalibata had cautioned that the outbreak of COVID-19 shouldn’t lead to food crisis in Africa.

Speaking on the lockdown directive, Dr Kalibata said “this is clearly an important protective step, but we also need to consider the very real danger that the COVID-19 pandemic will leave in its wake, a food security crisis that could affect the political, social and economic health of African countries. Already over 250 million people in Africa are without food. These vulnerable populations will suffer more from both the short- and long-term effects of the pandemic”.

She said as governments are making efforts to slow the spread of the disease, there was need to make efforts to ensure people have food, else, food crisis is imminent.

“As health workers battle to slow down the spread of the disease, all measures must be taken to ensure that people have food now, in the recovery period and beyond. If this is not done, COVID-19 will result in a food crisis that will affect poor people the most, in both rural and urban areas. It is obvious that we can protect the interests and well-being of the most vulnerable among us by ensuring farmers continue to do their work”, she said.

The above statement underscores the importance of government supporting food production also as part of palliative measures to ease the pains of lockdown both for immediate gains and future benefits.

Corona Virus: Kano in the eye of the storm

The NCDC said, “Thirty-eight new cases of COVID-19 have been reported; 23 in Kano, 5 in Gombe, 3 in Kaduna, 2 in Borno, 2 in Abia, 1 in FCT, 1 in Sokoto and 1 in Ekiti.

“As at 11:10 pm 20th April there are 665 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Nigeria.

“A breakdown of cases by states: Lagos-376, FCT-89, Kano-59, Osun-20, Oyo-16, Edo-15, Ogun-12, Kwara-9, Katsina-12, Bauchi-7, Kaduna-9, Akwa Ibom-9, Delta-4, Ekiti-4, Ondo-3, Enugu-2, Rivers-2, Niger-2, Benue-1, Anambra-1, Borno-3, Jigawa-2, Abia-2, Gombe-5 and Sokoto-1.”

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control stated this on Monday night while announcing that 38 new infections were recorded in Nigeria, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 665.

It said 188 recoveries have been made while 22 fatalities have been recorded in the country.

Death at Osun/Oyo boundary checkpoint

Police operatives and some medical personnel at Osun/Oyo border on Sunday evening reportedly intercepted a car, said to have conveyed a sick man, who eventually died while being checked.

The vehicle, it was learnt, was stopped at Odo Oba, Iwo, an entry point to Osun from Oyo State while attempting to enter Osun State.

While being interrogated, one of the occupants, believed to be sick, suddenly started coughing and died on the spot.

The chairman, Iwo Local Government, Raji Kamoru, who spoke to our correspondent, said policemen and health personnel stationed at the checkpoint were not convinced with the explanation of the occupants of the vehicle, when they stopped them.

He said when the team at the checkpoint told the occupants of the vehicle that they could not proceed, one of the occupants said to be sick suddenly started coughing and he died.

“They stopped the vehicle coming from Ibadan. One of the passengers started coughing and he died.

“The security men asked them some questions and they could not give a satisfactory explanation about where they were going. Immediately we were informed, myself and the DPO had to turn them back.

“In the first instance, when we told them to return to where they were coming from, they hid in the bush. But we found them and escorted them to the boundary and handed them over to policemen at Iyana Offa, Oyo State. They did not tell us where they were coming from and their destination,” Kamoru said.

The Police Public Relations Officer for Osun Command, Yemisi Opalola, confirmed that police personnel intercepted a vehicle carrying a corpse around Odo Oba area, Iwo.