Show some Love

Truth be told, we all need food and cash. But it isn’t wisdom to have a little more without helping someone with nothing at all and it isn’t smartness to demand more when you have one where others have none. I know we are thinking of tomorrow but we only have today and that’s all that matters right now. In our seeming distress, let’s be God’s hand extended. Your 2k can bless someone in need of 5H or even 1k and you’ll still have something on you. Love rules all and it’s caring and sharing. Thanks

When We choose to Lie

It is indeed obvious that in this global pandemic most Nigerians are hungry and frustrated. There is so much that can be done by each and everyone of us if we choose the right narrative, “you are because i am”.

I have come to realize that with as little as a cup of garri, a pack of noodle, sum of 500 naira, and so on, many lives would have found a reason to hold on. But otherwise is the case; most who could afford to dole out a little to neighbors who have got little or nothing have failed in that; but they are on social media screaming that government should come in handy. Where the government have failed to do the needful., the question is, “what have you and i done in our own little way to ameliorate the sufferings of the people around us?

It shouldn’t always be about us. Lets be deliberate in this period to show some love as i can tell emphatically that it is not well for most people. In summary, Brighten the Corner where you are. Together, we will scale through this gigantic wall. Shalom!